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Radio Flash Triggers

Updated 3rd August 2008

I am currently researching Radio Triggers to remotely trigger off camera strobes (flashes). This will allow me more precisely control my lighting and help me to develop my creative side.

What I am looking for initially is a setup with 1 transmitter and 2-3 receivers which will allow me to have a flexible setup for different circumstances.

On a side note, I will be using Olympus flashes FL36/FL50. While I know that the new FL36R/FL50R flashes have a good remote capabilities - via the inbuilt flash (with supported bodies E-3 E-420 and E-520). But, I currently shoot with an E-510 and non R flash.

To avoid GST on imports the price must be less than $500 NZ including shipping!

Big Saving on Lens

I've always tried to support the local economy by purchasing locally. I don't mind paying a little bit extra for the local support and warranty. But, I do object to paying huge premiums for the local convenience.

I had to rethink this strategy of local procurement recently when I purchased a new Olympus 11-22mm F2.8-F3.5 lens.

I would have paid 45% more by buying locally

The best local (New Zealand) price that I could find on the lens was around $1600 NZ. This seemed very excessive to me so it was time to do some investigations. After a quick look at the Amazon website it was obvious that I could do much better than this.

Got My Gorillapod

The Gorillapod SLR-Zoom makes a great little travel tripod which is far more versatile than any other small tripod that I have ever seen or used. But don't let the small size fool you, it is more than capable of supporting my Olympus E-300 or E-510 and my largest lens the 70-300mm.

Gorillapod SLR-Zoom, Manfrotto Ball Head & Olympus E-300 with 70-300mm


When shooting in low light conditions or with long zoom lenses some sort of support is a must to avoid camera shake and ensure a sharp image. A tripod is the obvious choice and will give the best result but it is not always the most practical.

However there are a few situations where a tripod is not the most practical accessory:

  • When you are going tramping it is extra weight that you have to carry.
  • Shooting images in a crowd with limited space.
  • When shooting with long lenses and you want to move around. Think sports photography.

I recently purchased a Manfrotto 680B monopod and 486RC2 ball head. While I could have got smaller and cheaper I wanted something that would last me for years to come. It is rated as being capable of holding a load of 10kg and weighs in at around 0.83kg.

Rather than try to sell the benefits of a monopod, here are a couple of images taken under the same conditions. One handheld without monopod and one taken with monopod.

Lightroom 1.4 Problems

If like me you were unfortunate enough to have installed the latest version 1.4 of Lightroom you may have noticed a few strange things happening. Of particular note is an issue with the timestamps in EXIF data all being the same for a batch of photos and being set to 12:00am.

The problem is easily rectified by uninstalling 1.4 and re-installing version 1.3.1.