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Lightroom 2.3 Running Slow

Dusty Heatsink

I recently had some issues with Lightroom 2.3 running extremely slow. When rendering full size images I could almost go and get a cup of tea (and drink it) while I waited.

While I don't have the latest and greatest PC my 3.2Gig P4 with 2Gig of RAM still performs well (most of the time). All my other imaging applications were running fine, including GIMP and Autopano Pro.

I started searching through forums looking for an answer. But nothing I tried worked. What could be the problem?


Lightroom 2 - Keyword Tags

Since upgrading to Lightroom 2 from Lightroom 1.4 I have noticed an issue with Keywords not being exported as part of the EXIF data. The problem, so I found out is that the keywords have the Include On Export keyword tag option disabled.

After a little bit of research I found a few options to resolve the issue. What I ended up doing was downloading installing and running the AdjustKeywordOptions.lua script from Adobe. I haven't had the problem since.


Lightroom - Pixelpost Client

I've written a number or short articles on the benefits of Lightroom and how it can improve my your work flow. Previously I have concentrated on how Lightroom integrates with the Gallery 2 image gallery.

As a Pixelpost user you can also benefit from Lightroom. There is now a great little plugin that allows you to export straight from Lightroom to your Pixelpost Photoblog.

Lightroom Export Plugin is extremely easily installed into Lightroom and allows you to export files directly to Pixelpost.

The installation of the plugin is trivial and exposes these great features:

Lightroom Gallery 2 Client

As a keen photographer I am always looking for ways to improve my work flow so that I can spend more time taking photos and less time in front of the computer processing and uploading to my online gallery.

You may recall the article I wrote a little while ago regarding the benefits of Lightroom EXIF Data and automatically naming images, adding descriptions and keywords. To build on these benefits there is a great third party export plugin now available for Gallery 2.

Lightroom-to-Gallery is extremely easily installed into Lightroom and allows you to export files directly to your Gallery 2 album (I assume that it uses the Gallery Remote protocol).

The installation of the plugin is as simple as copying a folder to the root directory of Lightroom.

Moving Folders in Lightroom

As your image collection grows and you run out of storage space you will be sure to have a requirement to move all or part of your collection. I have just gone through the process of installing a 1 Tera-byte internal RAID5 array to cater for my growing collection. By the time I fill this the price of storage should be suitably affordable to allow another upgrade in capacity.

Lightroom 1.1 Folders

What I found the quickest and easiest way to move my collection was to use Windows Explorer and make a copy of my collection on the new RAID drive (best to make sure you have a copy while you get things working again). I then started up Lightroom 1.1, as it could no longer find my images all the folders turned red. With a right click on the folder it was as simple as selecting Locate Missing Folder and browsing to the new physical location.


Lightroom EXIF Data and Gallery 2

When it comes to streamlining your workflow there are lots of little things that you can do to help your overall process. The EXIF data contained in your image files if used wisely can certainly be a great little time saver.

Gallery 2, like a lot of other image galleries can read your EXIF/IPTC data and put it to good use. This will make the process of uploading multiple images much quicker and easier by automatically applying: Titles, Descriptions and Keywords to your images without the need for any intervention afterwards. This is done from the Library module within Adobe Lightroom.

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