Jason Johnson Photography


What Can We Do That Your Smartphone Can’t?

Every image our team takes is with purpose, which means that we think through each detail and take photographs that are artistic and designed with vision. But they don’t look staged. Instead, we like to highlight the emotional factor behind your photographs while making them look unequivocally you.

What’s In Our Portfolio?

We’ve shot for several different industries, and we’re always interested in trying out new ventures. From fashion photo shoots to food, sports and product photography. The team at Jason J. Johnson can draw out the beauty and clarity you are looking to emphasize.

We take great photographs by learning about you first. What are your goals for this shoot? What are you trying to show or preserve? These are just a couple of questions that help us develop the right technique and present you with photographs that will show off your business and blend with your style. We also have the equipment necessary to produce high-quality imagery that is color-corrected, retouched and professionally-polished. We don’t mind taking time to create the perfect photograph if it helps you meet your goals and capture the adventures that mean the most to you. All you have to do is get in touch with our team, let us know that you’re interested. We can talk to you about your specific needs, lock in a shoot date and set up a timeline for when you can receive your photos. We’ll come to you, or we can meet you wherever you want to go and whenever you want us to be there — it’s that easy!

We’ll Also Work with Your Business!

We’ll take office photos, team pictures and head shots of you and your staff so that your company takes on one cohesive image that looks and feels as professional as your business is.

Having a professional photographer take pictures of your business can get you one step closer to your sales goals and appear more put-together than your competition. Your photographs don’t have to look like the standard suit-and-tie corporate head shots either; we can get creative and come up with images that match the personality of your specific business environment.

Tell Your Story with Professional Photography

Photography, whether for personal or professional reasons, is about illustrating who you are and what you love, and the team at Jason J. Johnson Photography & Video Production can create the images that tell your story exactly how you want it to be told!