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  • Your website must be related to photography
  • Websites containing objectionable material (determined at our discretion) won't be considered
  • Websites under construction won't be considered
  • All listings must be in English

This is a human edited directory. All content is moderated prior to approval. During the moderation process we may modify your listing at our discretion.

We check existing listings from time to time and may remove or modify listing that don't meet our criteria or are no longer active.

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Website Titles

PhotoScapes Photography
This is a good example of a title - It contains the website's title or business name. In this case, the capital S in PhotoScapes is appropriate as that is how it is appears on the website.

This is a bad example of a title - All caps titles are not permitted unless it is an acronym.

Photoscapes Photography!!!
This is a bad example of a title - Inappropriate use of punctuation (the exclamation marks).
This is a bad example of a title - website url's are for the "Website" field.

Photoscapes Photography - Panoramic, Landscape, Nature and Wilderness Photography
This is a bad example of a title - The titles should not contain descriptive information about the site, that goes in the "Description" field

The Best Landscape Photography in New Zealand
This is a bad example of a title - The title is just marketing hype


Some examples of descriptions that we may change.

  • Poorly constructed sentences that don't make sense
  • Descriptions full of marketing hype which are stuffed with keywords
  • Url's in descriptions - they go in the "Website" field
  • Short descriptions that are only a few works. Descriptions should be a minimum of 2-3 well constructed sentences.


We may change the categories of your listing, based on a review of your website and the services that you offer.

Multiple Listings

Users are welcome to submit individual listings to each of their websites. However, we only allow a single listing per website and don't allow multiple listings with links to different web pages within the same site.

Websites with multiple listing published for a single website will have all, except for the latest version deleted or unpublished at our discretion.